These general terms of mediation (further in text: terms) are an integral part of the contract of employment mediation in the search and selection of candidates that the Adhikari Ltd. agency concludes with the intermediation client.

Adhikari Ltd. agency is obliged to acquaint the clients and the job seekers with these terms.

Mediation client

Mediation client is a business client with whom Adhikari Ltd. agency concludes a contract of mediation for the purpose of search and selection of job candidates.

Job seekers/candidates

A job seeker/candidate is any person who has voluntarily expressed an interest in seeking employment and participating in the employment mediation procedures according to Adhikari Ltd. agency, and with whom Adhikari Ltd. agency concludes a contract of employment mediation.

Adhikari Ltd. agency services

  1. Employment mediation includes the selection of job seekers/candidates whose professional and other working abilities best meet the needs of the mediator client. Adhikari Ltd. agency conducts the procedures of search, pre-selection, and selection of job seekers/candidates and other procedures according to the contract with the client.
  2. Preparation of documentation for work permits and visas.
  3. Transport of the candidate to the delivery point.
  4. Candidate education.

Impartiality in relation to the job seeker/candidate and the mediation client

When performing employment mediation activities, Adhikari Ltd. agency acts impartially in relation to job seekers/candidates and mediation clients.

For the avoidance of doubt, Adhikari Ltd. agency as an employment mediary, in no case acts, and is not considered and cannot be considered an employer in the relation to job seekers/candidates.

Adhikari Ltd. agency, as an employment mediary, does not conclude employment contracts with job seekers/candidates or any other type of contract for their direct engagement, but exclusively acts as an employment mediary for job seekers/candidates. The employer for job seekers/candidates can only be the mediation client, not Adhikary Ltd. agency.

Based on data presented by Adhikari Ltd. agency, mediation client independently decides about the selection of the job seeker/candidate with whom intends to conclude an employment contract. Adhikari Ltd. agency does not participate in writing and concluding the employment contracts, or any other form of business cooperation, between the job seeker/candidate and the mediation client.

By participating in the procedures of Adhikari Ltd. agency, the job seeker/candidate does not acquire the right to employment or an advantage over the other job seekers.

Billing for services and costs

Adhikari Ltd. agency charges the employment mediation services from the mediation client.

Adhikari Ltd. does not charge the services from the job seeker/candidate, nor can receive a reward for the mediation.

The job seeker/candidate bears his/her own costs of participating in the procedures of Adhikari Ltd. agency, such as travel expenses, costs of notarization and translation of documents, interviews attendance, interviews or testing, possible loss of daily allowance, etc., unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Processing of personal data

During the mediation procedure, Adhikari Ltd. agency collects personal and other data and keeps records of them, processes them, and exchanges them with authorized persons. By sending personal data via online forms or written questionnaires, the job seeker/candidate confirms that he/she is aware that Adhikari Ltd. agency has a legitimate interest in using his/her personal data for the purpose of conducting the employment mediation and to forward this personal data to interested mediation clients in accordance with the applicable Labor Market Law, provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and on the repeal of Directive 95/46/EZ (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR) and other regulations.

Personal data collected include in particular: name and surname, date of birth, address of residence or stay, personal ID number, job title, education level, desired amount of salary, work experience, work evaluations, recommendations, personal data determined by regulations on records in the field of work, education data, specialist knowledge, contractual ban on competing with the previous employer.

The job seeker/candidate has the right to access and correction of personal data by e-mail: Adhikari Ltd. agency will, after 180 days from the date of admission, erase all data about job seekers/candidates. Within this period, the job seeker/candidate has no right to data deletion, due to the fact that Adhikari Ltd. agency has a legal obligation to submit reports to the Ministry of Labor and the Pension System.

Access to mediation documentation Adhikari Ltd. agency can provide only to the mediation client, and to the job seeker/candidate only in the part related to him/her.

Communication with job seekers

Adhikari agency communicates with job seekers/candidates in person at the branch office, electronically and through available telecommunication channels.